Government-bank cooperation helps with integration reform

It was learned on October 9 that the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Bank of Jiangyin had signed a government-bank cooperation agreement the other day, agreeing to focus on serving enterprises, integrate and make full use of all functions and resources together to build information interoperability platform, and further promote the industrial and commercial registration, the optimization of service management and the simplification and facilitation of serving the main market players through direct system connection, Internet plus, big data and other technologies.


As a local bank, the Bank of Jiangyin has adhered to serving the development of real economy and small and micro enterprises, integrated its business into the overall development, relied on electronic business license registration, taken electronic business license card as the carrier and held on to "government + financial big data" to provide free and convenient services for entrepreneurs.


In the next stage, the Bank of Jiangyin will make use of the channel advantage of 77 outlets in urban and rural areas throughout Jiangyin and its independent and efficient operation and maintenance center to serve innovative enterprises, cooperate with the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in information sharing, business platform, financial service, technology integration, personnel training and other aspects, and make more contributions to the development of the service economy, especially to solving the problems of the development of small and micro businesses.