Provincial leaders come to inspect the remediation of water sources

On the morning of September 27, Lan Shaomin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, and his companions came to inspect the water renovation of Yao Port. Chen Mengmeng, Director-General of Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department, and Wuxi and Jiangyin municipal leaders Zhu Aixun, Cai Yeming and Yu Qiuhao accompanied them during the inspection.


Lan Shaomin fully affirmed the integration and merging practices of the water sources of Yao Port and Xishiqiao; he believed that Jiangyin has attached great importance to this project, acted quickly and guaranteed the project progress. He hoped that Jiangyin could continue to strengthen remediation and ensure the normal water supply of Xishiqiao while pushing forward the construction of the project. At the same time, Jiangyin should stick to the requirements of environmental protection, abide by the law to speed up the relocation of water intake of Yao Port, and improve environmental safety of water resources.

In recent years, Jiangyin has made great efforts to promote the construction of 4 centralized drinking water sources. In future, Jiangyin will further strengthen the supervision of Yangtze River shipping, terminal operations, ship docking and scientific scheduling to minimize the impact of water drainage of Tongjiang River to water quality and accelerate the emergency water source construction process of Qishan, so as to enhance the security level of the city water and ensure the water security for people.