117 major projects with the total investment of 39.9 billion yuan intensively start or complete construction


As one of the major events of the Jiangyin Development Conference and the 2017 Economy and Trade Fair, the city's 117 major projects with the total investment of 39.9 billion yuan intensively started or completed construction, setting off a new round of great mass fervor of tackling, focusing, conquering and serving major projects. The main venue was set at the commencement site of the soil conditioner project with an annual output of 3 million tons of wood peat constructed by Jiangyin Zhongxiang Xuyao Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Lingang Development Zone. Parallel sessions were also set in various towns, residential streets and industrial parks. Zhang Jijing, Chairman and President of CITIC Pacific Limited, and Jiangyin municipal leaders Chen Jinhu, Cai Yeming, Sun Xiaohu, Xu Dongqing, Ji Jun, Chen Xinghua, Fei Ping, Zhao Qiang, Yu Qiuhao, Zhang Shaofeng and Zhao Qiaoxin all attended the event. Cai Yeming, Mayor of Jiangyin, presided over the event. Zhang Zhong, member of the Leading Party Group of the Jiangyin Municipal People's Government, also participated in the event.


Chen Jinhu, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Secretary of the CPC Jiangyin Municipal Committee, pointed out at the event that project is the carrier of effective investment, handgrip of transformation and upgrading and support of innovation and development. This year, the city's has firmly established the concept of “investment attraction is the touchstone and project is the lifeline", taken the introduction of major projects as the breakthrough point, done everything possible to grasp the investment, and formed a good situation of working together while healthily competing.