Chen Jinhu leads the extensive visit

According to unified deployment of the extensive visit themed as jointly enriching the people and cooperating with enterprises to strengthen the city in the whole city, from March 13 to March 14, Chen Jinhu, member of the Wuxi Municipal Party Standing Committee and Secretary of the Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee, led few cadres to investigate villages and enterprises, visit peasant households randomly, learned thoughts and expectations of the masses and enterprises in detail, discuss about solutions together, and seek for good plans for enriching the people and strengthening the city.


During the visit, Chen communicated with principals of part middle and small-sized enterprises and particularly learned development situation, future plan, and current difficulties of the enterprises. He pointed out that the real economy was the foundation for Jiangyins development, and the strategy of strengthening the city by industries cannot do without support of enterprises, therefore, vast enterprises should stick to industry, insist on development, firm confidence, practice hard, and constantly expand space for transformation and promotion. Moreover, departments at all levels should earnestly go deep into enterprises, sincerely learn demands of enterprises, truthfully help enterprises to resolve difficulty, and facilitate them to develop stronger with practical work style and accurate services.


Chen also successively visited Heping Village in Changjing Town, Caijing Village and Longyun Village in Nanzha Residential Street, and the Jiangfeng Community in Chengjiang Residential Street, exchanged with the masses, listened to opinions and voice of them, respectively held forum of two committees, forum of villager representatives, and forum of community resident representatives, and learned pain points of development at base level in depth.