Recommended Restaurants in Jiangyin

Celestial Court

Celestial Court has a history of ten years since its foundation in January, 1998. In the past ten years, the company successfully created its own brand and had branches in Shanghai, Jiangyin, Taizhou, Zhouzhuang and other cities. Celestial Court has three centers (distribution center, training center and R&D center) and three related firms (Tableware factory in Jingdezheng, Green Industry Co., Ltd in Jiangyan and “Three Yangtze River Delicacies” breeding farm by the river bank). Celestial Court also has a large restaurant chain management group with more than 1,800 employees. And it set up special theme restaurant with creative dishes (it won the title "Feast of Jiangsu Province” in 2007). Since 2002, the company revenue has been ranked first in the line. In 2006, it exceeded RMB 200 million; while in 2007, it increased to RMB 230 million. The continued growth of economic indicates that the Celestial Court has become the leading Food Catering Group in Wuxi.

Address: Hailan Buidling, No. 118 Chengjiang Road, Jiangyin City
Tel: 0510-86409777, 86409766
Celestial Court Guo Mao Branch
Address: No. 118 Chengjiang Road
Tel: 0510-86409777, 86409788
Celestial Court East-Asian Specialty Food Square
Address: No. 118 Middle Chengjiang Road
Tel: 0510-86409700
Celestial Court Xingchen Branch
Address: No. 161 East Renmin Road
Tel: 0510-86702888
Celestial Court Grand Hotel
Address: No. 198 Middle Hongqiao Road
Tel: 0510-86830788, 86830077
Celestial Court Dinning Café
Address: No. 229 Middle Binjiang Road
Tel: 0510-86853995
Jiangyin Dahua Food Co., Ltd
Jiangyin Dahua Food Co., Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in making all kinds of cakes, bread and cooked foods. Jiangyin Dahua Food Co., Ltd has a production center with 2,000 square meters and workshop with 500 square meters. In recent years, the company has actively participated in a national food competition and won several high prizes. Osmanthus cake and pumpkin cake have been awarded Golden Medal by the China Food Industry Association.
Address: No. 23 Xiaoshan Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province
Tel: 0510-86412705
Jiangyin Huaxi Pagoda Hotel
Huaxi Hotel is a three star hotel with the combination of sightseeing tour, accommodation, catering, entertainment, commerce and trade. It has 14 restaurants that can hold 800 people together. Pagoda Hotel has been awarded “China Famous Brand Hotel” by the Chinese Cuisine Association. In 2002, Huaxi Hotel won the largest number of gold medals in the “Fourth International Cuisine Competition”.
Address: Huaxi Villiage, Jiangyin City
Tel: 0510-86217000
Yangtze Hotel
Located in Jiangyin City, Yangtze Hotel is a three-star hotel with classical garden-style. There are luxury suites, 140 standard rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, two Chinese-style banquet halls and a dozen luxury small dinning halls in this hotel, where it can hold more than 600 people together.
Apart from 10 meeting rooms in the hotel, conference room can afford 300 people, which become the ideal place for conferences and meetings. Business center, shops, bars, gym, beauty salon, health massage and leisure centers all provide services for you at any time. Air and train tickets booking service are available here.
Elegant hotel environment with attractive scenery, staff with professional skills and service enthusiasm, offer you good time here.
Address: No. 18 Middle Renmin Road, Jiangyin City
Haiyue Hotel
Jiangyin Haiyue Hotel locates in Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin city, which is near business district with convenient transportation, elegant environment and luxurious decoration. It occupies a total area of 5000 square meters, and construction area up to 13,500 square meters. There are 78 rooms in this hotel, including business suites, executive suites, standard rooms, single rooms and so on. Smoke-free floors are also included in this place. One “zero- style” dining hall and sixteen banquet rooms (from 32-90 square meters) can accommodate 100-300 people. Cantonese Food, Hangbang Food, Sichuan Food and business buffet are offered here. The conference center in the third floor can hold 60-160 people to have business meetings, product display and buffet.
Address: Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City
Xingcheng Grand Hotel
As a four-star hotel, Jiangyin Xingcheng Grand Hotel locates in the east of New Harbor City with beautiful environment and convenient traffic. Huning Express Way (Shanghai-Nanjing) and Xicheng Expressway crossed here. The Grand Hotel occupies an area of 12,300 square meters, with various types of spacious and comfortable rooms. In 2004, the hotel was modified into European style with nearly 800 seats. More than 20 highly luxurious rooms, as well as three new luxury suites, have made the hotel one of the most attractive accommodations in Jiangyin. Shopping malls, business centers, beauty salons, large-scale entertainment square, leisure center, swimming pool and other modern service facilities are around here .The conference room in the hotel can offer you an ideal place to meet guests and discuss business.
Address: No 161. East Renmin Road, Jiangyin City
Tel: 0510-86702888
Reservation Hotlines: 0510-86262888, 86702777