Tourist Routes
"No. 1 in China" Special Trip

The traveling pioneer in China: Xu Xiake, a prominent Chinese geographer and explorer in Ming Dynasty (his former residence, Qingshan Hall, Shengshui Bridge, stone inscriptions and his tomb etc.)

-- Stone wall carving Disciples of the Buddha: Junshan Park (China’s biggest stone wall with 500 Disciples of the Buddha carved on it, Jiangtian Pavilion, the Mad Monk Stone, Songfeng Pavilion and Blessed Temple)

-- Huaxi Village (Golden Tower, Road of Huaxi, New Residence of Farmers and World Park)

Ancient City along Yangtze River

Huangshan Forest Park (footpath) -- Ebizui Park -- Huangshan Lake Park -- Great Bridge Park (Cultural and Historical Exhibition, to be built) -- Cloud Mountain Villa or Shengang Ballonfish Restaurant (You can have lunch in either one) -- the Liu’s Former Residence -- Jiangsu Office of Education Commissioner Tourist Area (Zhongshan Park, pedestrian street) -- Fortress Headquarter

A Trip to the Former Residence of Xu Xiake

Lake Park -- Yuecheng Shuangjing Ecological Park (including China Potted Landscape Museum) -- Xu Xiake Cultural Tourist Zone Huangshan Forest Park (footpath) -- Ebizui Park -- Huangshan

Viewing New Scenery in Countryside

Huaxi Village (including lunch) -- Heilan Industrial Park -- New Bridge Community -- Changjing Ancient Town (former residences of Zhang Dalie and Shangguan Yunzhu, Silkworm Eggs Plantation, and Old Street)