Thickened Soup


In Yongzheng Period of Qing Dynasty, there lived a young man surnamed Qian. Orphaned at his early age, he led a poor life but studied very hard. His neighbors highly appreciated his virtue and gave him some food to help him live on.

One day at dusk, it was raining heavily outside. The young men cooked a pot of soup with all materials given by neighbors at the day time, including soup with wax gourd and dried shrimps, soup with sponge gourd, beans and cooked pork blood, panada, fried bean curd, bean curd sheets and bean dregs. An old man who was caught in the rain came to his house to seek shelter from the rain. On seeing the poor old man not having a dry thread on him, Qian took out a bowl of soup for him. The old man couldn’t help praising the delicious soup after tasted it. When asked the name of the soup, the young man told him thoughtlessly "thickened soup". One month later, the young man won the third place in the examination held in his county. To his great surprise, the main interviewer, a famous scholar named Lv Liuliang in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, turned out to be the old man he met in that rainy day.