Three Delicacies in Jiangyin


Saury, reeves shad and balloonfish are the famous "Three Delicacies"of Jiangyin.   

Saury has a narrow, laterally compressed form. It has a silver white, narrow and knife-shaped body, which enables it to swim swiftly in water. Saury not only tastes delicious, but also contains high protein, fat, phosphatide, and vitamine A and D. Steamed saury is most recommended. You don’t have to scale it, instead, if you remove its main bone, mash the rest, filter out narrow bones, and add the flour, you can make delicious saury noodles or wonton. The soup of saury is also very tasty. Mixing rice in the saury soup can stimulate people’s appetite. When eating saury, mind the triangular bones in its neck.

Reeves shad is elegant and compressed, with gleaming scale. It is like gurnard but longer. The largest reeves shad can be as heavy as 10 kg. Reeves shads feature is fatness. It tastes soft, slippery and full-bodied, which is incomparable. There are many queer and special requirements when people are eating reeves shad. You dont have to scale it, and steaming is better than cooking or braising with soy sauce. Reeves shad is a palatable dish for feasts, as well as precious food for exports. When being exported, reeves shad will be exclusively labeled "Jiangyin Reeves Shad", which fully demonstrates its extraordinary feature.
Balloonfish is as long as a ruler and weighs 2 or 3 kg. It has no scale with rough skin and looks like colorized Shar-pei. Its tail is aculeate, belly inflated and body tadpole-shaped. It will make a "gugu" sound when its mouth and eyes close and open. Balloonfish combines the advantages of saury and reeves shad in one. It tastes very delicious, with no narrow bones like that of saury and reeves shad. Hence, ballonfish is named "Top of Three Delicacies". Not only does the fish meat tastes delicious, its skin with a few bones attached and its rich colloid are also very tasty, far more palatable than shark fin and sea cucumber. However, the germen and ovary of balloonfish are virulent, so people had better not eat it if the fish is not washed and cooked by specialists.
Jiangyin city is located at the mouth of Yangtze River, where the narrow waterway is rich in fish. Thereby, of all ages, the "Three Delicacies" of Jiangyin have been most fleshy, delicious and productive.