Pincers of “Pangqi”


In summer, only a few types of crabs came to food market, "Pangqi" was one of them. When Jiangyin people caught the "Pangqi", they collected the pincers of crabs and then set them alive. Afterwards, those pincers were saturated and cooked in the mixed soup of seasonings such as ground spice, cinnamon, aniseed, chili, shallot, ginger, salt and sugar. Each of pincers was left with a cut to absorb the seasonings. After this dish was done, added some pepper to it.

This dish was famous for its flavor, tenderness and color. People could easily suck the meat out of these pincers. Therefore, man of letters usually used this delicacy as side dish. Besides, this dish was also named "beak of parrot" due to the shape of pincers. Pincers of "Paingqi" later became a famous course of Jiangyin.