Huaxi Village, a pilot agricultural tourist attraction in China

Huaxi Village, founded in 1961, has become a new socialistic countryside with the efforts made by Wu Renbao, secretary of the village, along with all local people. In recent years, Huaxi Village has won several titles in all aspects, namely, National Excellent Primary Party Organization, National Model Villagers’ Community, National Civilization Village, National Pilot Village on Culture, Advanced Unit on Carrying out Ideological and Political Work in Enterprises, Nationwide Advanced Township Enterprise, National A-level Township Enterprise and Nationwide Township Technological and Industrial Park. It also earns a reputation of "No.1 Village in China" from home and abroad.

At present, in Huaxi Village, the average housing area per family is from 400 square meters to 600 square meters; the property of villagers reaches RMB 1 million to RMB 10 million each; every family possesses at least one car. In the year 2005, its total sale was RMB 30.78 billon. Apart from its economic achievements, there are more than 80 tourist attractions in Huaxi Village, for example, a group of towers, duplicate
Tian’anmen Square
Shanhai Pass, World Park, 10,000-meter-long corridor and 10,000-meter-long duplicate Great Wall. Since the beginning of reform and opening-up, the village has received guests from over 120 countries and regions. Currently, the annual number of visitors is above one million.

Huaxi Village covers over 30 square kilometers with a population of more than 30, 000. People lead happy lives here. In the following five years, there will be another RMB 0.52 billion to be invested in Huaxi Village; 2700 residential units will be relocated; and a ten-thousand-hectare Pilot Technical Park of Agriculture and Forestry is also in the planning.