Recommended Hotels in Jiangyin

Jiangyin Hongshenyuan Hotel is subordinate to Fasten Group. Located in the business hub of downtown, Jiangyin Hongshengyuan Hotel is the first five-star commercial hotel in the urban area of Jiangyin. It is close to JiangyinYangtze River Bridge, Yangtze River Ferry Terminal and Huning High-speed Expressway. Customers live in the hotel can reach Wuxi Airport within 90 minutes. Shaped like U, Hongshengyuan Commercial Mansion is constituted by a 22-storey hotel and a 23-storey commercial building. The twin buildings stand towering, their interior design reflecting both ancient Chinese tradition and elegant post-modern architectural style. 


No. 289 Middle Renmin Road
, Jiangyin

Tel:   0510-86707888 


Dukangyuan is situated in the Dukangyuan Park of Jiangyin City Cultural Relics Protection Units beside

East Huancheng Road
. It is an elegant hotel with a whole set of facilities, taking up 25,000 square meters. Its total building area is 10,000 square meters. The main building is 6-storey high, while the skirt buildings are 3-storey high. The overall design of the hotel is novel and unique.

There are 76 suites of all kinds in Dukangyuan Hotel, such as luxurious, elegant commercial suites, convenient, comfortable standard rooms, and economical three-person rooms. Inside the rooms, the facilities are adequate, including international direct dial phone, internet, closed circuit television system, video on demand, and central air-conditioning system. Hence, this is the ideal place for visitors.

Dukangyuan Hotel is one of the hotels which boast the widest range of dishes in Jiangyin. Owning Fujian dishes, Shanghai dishes, Weiyang dishes, and Sichuan dishes etc, it is indeed a food court. The multi-functional hall on the second floor can host over 160 people, suitable for various commercial meetings and banquets. 21 specially equipped small halls are available for various slap-up banquets.

SPA Entertainment Center on the first floor provides all kinds of sauna and fitness services. In addition, the hotel also has its own shopping area and business center.


No. 22 Yingbin Road
, Jiangyin

Tel:  0510-86701888  


Located in the downtown of Jiangyin, Fasten Grand Hotel is a 4-star commercial hotel invested by Fasten Group.

The newly decorated chambers have novel layouts, elegant patterns, and whole sets of facilities and service systems. The 136 chambers can be divided into luxurious three-bed suites, VIP suites, commercial suites and comfortable standard suites, single rooms, and rooms with free broadband.  The main hall is elegant and modernized, which is a good place for guests to discuss business and to be entertained. The dinner hall with VIP rooms and banquet rooms can altogether host 600 people, where guests can enjoy advanced services and Jiangyin’s specialties such as Fasten lobsters. The bathing center owns luxurious private rooms, massage rooms, fitness centers, chess rooms, ping-pong rooms and snooker rooms, etc.

Meanwhile, there is also Fasten Entertainment Club, coffee bar (where you can taste all kinds of authentic Guangdong pot rice) and automatic chess rooms in the hotel.


No. 8 Tiyuchang Road
, Jiangyin

Hotlines:  0510-86888666, 86885000



Jiangyin International Grand Hotel is a 4-star hotel invested and constructed by Jiangsu Shuangliang Group. Located in the central downtown of Jiangyin, the hotel connects with Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge — the longest suspension bridge of China — on the east, Yangtze River Ferry Terminal on the west, Huangshan Scenic Spot on the north, and Huning High-speed Expressway on the south. Jiangyin International Grand Hotel is 99.8 meters high with 28 storeys. It covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters, the building area 46,000 square meters. The hotel is not only a trans-century project of Jiangyin, but also an image project that demonstrates the city’s appearance. The hotel owns standard rooms, commercial suites, luxurious suites and presidential suites, totaling 260 suites.

There are Chinese/Western restaurants, cafeterias, big and small banqueting halls, which totally can hold 1200 people. Dishes are mainly authentic Huaiyang dishes, which consist of Shanghai flavor, Fujian flavor and Sichuan flavor. The hotel also owns fitness centers, snooker rooms, bowling rooms, an indoor swimming pool, sauna center, KTV rooms, chess and card rooms, as well as a pub. The international meeting center can host 650 people at a time and provide perfect services. The multi-functional hall has advanced facilities; medium and small-sized meeting rooms are of elegant patterns; the panorama of Jiangyin and the scene of “the sea connecting with the river” can be seen if you take a sight-seeing lift; Xuangong, a revolving restaurant on the 25th floor, provides you with both spectacular scenery and delicious dishes.

The hotel was once under the management of Nanjing Jinling Hotel Management Company. Its high and middle ranking administration staff all gained professional credentials issued by State Tourism Bureau. The workers of the hotel are selected and trained strictly, who take customers’ needs as top priority and provide services gently and amiably. After establishment, Jiangyin International Grand Hotel has successfully received many large-scale and important meetings, as well as domestic and overseas visitors. It has won the favor of people from all circles.


No. 299 Chengjiang Road

Tel: 0510-86815000


Jiangyin Heilan Grand Hotel is a 5-star tourist hotel subordinate to China Heilan Group. Situated in Heilan Industrial Park, the first industrial scenic spot of Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin Heilan Grand Hotel boasts beautiful landscape and ancient European style architectures.

The hotel is designed and decorated according to European styles. It does not only have comfortable environment, but also owns a whole set of equipment. The main building is 13-storey high, with 63 luxurious rooms of all kinds such as presidential suites. The skirt building (at 3-star level) is 7-storey high, with 239 suites of all kinds of chambers which are all equipped with high-speed broadband. The dining facilities are splendid, consisting of restaurants of different sizes, multi-functional banqueting halls and luxurious private banqueting rooms. The food in this hotel is a gathering of all the most delicious dishes in and out of China. There are also complete off-set facilities in this hotel, including fitness center, beauty salon, recreation center, business center, ticketing center, shopping mall, flower shop and book store etc.  

The hotel bears advanced facilities for meetings, such as non-pillar multi-functional international meeting center which is currently the largest in Jiangyin-Zhangjiagang area and can accommodate 3000 people at a time, as well as luxurious meeting rooms, reception halls and multi-functional halls of different types and sizes. In addition, the hotel owns the most advanced sound and video equipment and 4-track simultaneous interpretation system for various large-scale exhibitions, business meetings and gatherings. 

Address: Heilan Industrial Park, Xinqiao Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province

Tel:  0510-86121388



Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel is a large modern intelligent hotel built by Jiangyin Mould Plastics Group according to the standards of 5-star hotels. It is a large commercial and leisure hotel combining guest rooms, catering, commerce and entertainment. The main hall is 3000 square meters, being among the largest in eastern China. It faces Jiangyin Government Building on the north and the urban area on the south. 

Located on

Chaoyang Road
, Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel takes up 17 mu, with a total building area of 42000 square meters and a total investment of RMB 160 million yuan. It owns 221 suites of stand rooms, commercial suites and luxurious suites. There are Chaozhou dining hall, Huaiyang dining hall, western dining hall, banqueting hall, lobby bar and show bar for catering, added by large German self-wine-making hall and luxurious multi-functional dinging hall. 2000 people can simultaneously dine in all these halls and bars.

In terms of entertainment, Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel shows great originality. Heated swimming pool, fitness center, indoor tennis court, billiards gym, table tennis gym and indoor badminton court are set up inside. Moreover, there is a club composed by red wine bar, cigar bar and reading room where members of the club can rest after exercises. The over 2000 square meters’ recreation center can provide both bathing and sauna facilities, and massage services of Korean style, Thai style and European style. Small shops like beauty salon, foot massage room and boutique can also be found in this hotel.

Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel’s guest rooms mainly scatter on the third to the nineteenth floor except the fifth floor. It owns 221 chambers with 340 beds, including presidential suites, special suites, luxurious suites, stand suites, business king size rooms, business rooms with a double-pillowed bed, stand rooms and economical rooms. Each chamber is equipped with refrigerator, cable television, laundry and ironing machine, coffer, charged VOD, central air-conditioner, domestic and overseas direct dial phone, high-quality furniture, carpet, and advanced washroom. The TV set can receive 40 programs from America, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong etc. On the walls of passageways there are advanced fire protection systems.

The lobby bar and show bar are set on the first floor of this hotel, providing delightful desserts and various drinks. They are the best places for visitors to rest for a short while or discuss businesses. Particularly at the show bar after 20:30, visitors can enjoy singers’ performance while drinking tea. The western restaurant is set at the southern part of the main hall on the first floor with good environment and luxurious decoration, accommodating over 200 people simultaneously. The hotel recruited top-ranking chefs to provide a wide range of delicious meals and desserts.

Huaiyang Hall of Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel, which is also named Tianxinyuan, is set on the second floor, mainly offering Huaiyang dishes added by a few local dishes of south Yangtze area. Prices of the dishes are also moderate, with an average per capita expense of RMB 100 yuan. This hall can simultaneously accommodate 200 people. 

Chaozhou Hall of Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel, which is also named Tianxiangge, is set on the second floor, mainly offering authentic Chaozhou dishes. Chaozhou dishes are mild, suitable for medium and high grade consumer groups, with an average per capita expense of some RMB 150 yuan. Famous chefs from Hong Kong are recruited to provide most delicious meals.  

The banqueting hall of Jiangyin Laifudao Hotel, which is also named Multi-Functional Hall, is set on the third floor. It is a best place for wedding feasts and large conferences. Decorated with luxurious light-fixtures, central stereo equipment and projectors, the hall can accommodate 400 people simultaneously.

The 18m×8m swimming pool of Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel is set in the first floor, whose average temperature keeps at 26°C. There are also warm water showers and gyms in this hotel. The recreation center of Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel is set on the second floor, equipped with advanced sauna and massage rooms. Therapeutic massage types include Korean style, Thai style and European style. 

The 7 meeting rooms of different sizes and types of Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel are situated on the fourth and twenty-first floors, accommodating 8 to 100 people differently. With modernized layouts and high-end facilities, those meeting rooms have successfully supported many large domestic and foreign meetings, press conferences, and symposiums etc.

The decoration of the New Jasmine Beer Town of Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel combines Chinese and western designs. The various accessories displayed inside basically come from Germany, all with long histories. Guests can listen to beautiful music while tasting authentic German wheat beer, rye beer, bright beer, pretzels, baked pettitoes, and fried sausages etc.

The underground parking lot of Jiangyin Laifudao Grand Hotel has 172 parking spaces. Besides, there is an elevator in the underground parking lot, which can take guests directly to their rooms and dining halls.


No.105 Chaoyang Road
Jiangyin City

Tel: 0510-86700888